Subaru Service Recommended Maintenance Schedules

Subaru Recommended Minor Maintenance 1 | Every 3,750 Miles or 3.75 Months
Subaru Recommended Minor Maintenance 2 | Every 7500 Miles or 7.5 Months
Subaru Recommended Intermediate Service| Every 15,000 Miles or 15 Months
Subaru Recommended Major Maintenance 1 | Every 30,000 Miles or 30 Months
Subaru Recommended Major Service 2 | Every 60,000 Miles or 60 Months
Subaru Recommended Special Service at 105,000 Miles

Subaru's Recommended Maintenance Schedules at Subaru Pacific

Subaru Pacific has recommended service schedules for minor service, intermediate service, major service, and a high mile special service to keep your Subaru in top condition at every mileage interval.  A service interval can be measured by either your mileage or the number of months you drive, whatever approaches first.   Every service interval has its own unique services packaged for your convenience.  Our Minor Service Interval includes an oil and filter change, fluid check and fill, tire inspection and complete multi-point inspection.  The Intermediate and Major Services include more and cover a broad amount of maintenances for your Subaru including: spark plug replacement, tire rotation, brake fluid replacement, air filter replacement and complete vehicle inspection.  Check out all our service intervals to get the complete overview and find your service interval today!

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  • Convenient hours (Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.)   
  • We will Recognize and honor any original Subaru warranty and extended warranties.    
  • We offer the largest Subaru parts inventory in Torrance.   
  • We sell and service more Subaru models than any other dealer in the Torrance area.   
  • Subaru factory trained and ASE certified technicians.   
  • Competitive prices.   
  • Same day service on most repairs for your vehicle.   
  • Fantastic facility and waiting area, while your Subaru is serviced.   
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