Trade Keys With Us!

Return Your Leased Subaru in Hawthorne, CA

You've always heard that all good things must come to an end eventually, but here at our Subaru dealership in Hawthorne, CA, we don't think that's necessarily true. Take your Subaru lease, for example. Just because your lease-end date is approaching doesn't mean you have to fully terminate your leased vehicle. Why not just upgrade to a newer Subaru instead, and keep driving the vehicle you love for many more miles. Come to Subaru Pacific when your lease ends, and simply trade keys with us. Return your older leased Subaru and get the keys to a brand-new one in its place!

Can I Terminate My Subaru Lease Early?

  • Yes, of course you can! At Subaru Pacific we allow you to terminate your lease any time you'd like before the scheduled maturity date, as long as you're not in default.
  • You can simply end your lease by returning your leased vehicle and paying any early termination liability, as outlined by your original lease agreement.
  • Alternatively, you can opt to purchase your leased Subaru. Just get in contact with our dealership and we'll give you a quote.

What Are My Lease-End Options?

  • If your lease maturity date is approaching and you're unsure of what to do, you have a few lease-end options.
  • You can either purchase your vehicle, or return it to our dealership.
  • If you choose to buy your leased Subaru, you'll owe us the purchase price, any unpaid amounts from your lease period, applicable sales tax and a Purchase Option Fee.
  • If you want to return your leased Subaru, you can either pay any outstanding fees from your lease period, turn it in and walk away, or lease a new Subaru. Leasing a new Subaru is a great option if you've been enjoying your vehicle and you're not quite ready to give it up yet.

What Happens When I Return My Leased Subaru?

  • Before you return your leased Subaru, you must pay any end-of-lease charges, remove any personal items from the vehicle, ensure your Owner's Manual is in the glove compartment and that you have all maintenance records on-hand.
  • You'll get a lease-end bill when your vehicle is returned, and this will include any excess wear and use and mileage charges, as well as any additional fees.

How Do I Lease a New Subaru?

  • A new Subaru will allow you to continue enjoying the same vehicle you've grown to love, but with added bonus of the most modern automotive technology available. Simply come into our Hawthorne Subaru dealership and pick out the new car or SUV you like best.
  • From the Forester to the Legacy to the Outback, we have plenty of outstanding options.
  • Trade keys with us to get the new Subaru of your dreams!


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