Benefits of EV Explained

What are the Benefits of EVs for LA County?

Electric vehicles are here to stay, and that means it's time to explore how an electric vehicle can benefit your Los Angeles lifestyle. What does that mean for your drives around Santa Monica and Redondo Beach? At Subaru Pacific, not only are we excited about the all-new Subaru Solterra EV, but we're here to go over what you get when you buy or lease a new EV from our Hawthorne Subaru dealership. Both financial benefits and added convenience make buying an EV a great choice, whether you drive every day or you keep your car in the driveway and only use it on occasion. Our dealership near Long Beach offers a depth of expertise on incentives for EV drivers around LA, and we want you to be informed on all the great tax benefits and other bonuses you get when you purchase an EV in California.

National EV Rebates

A focus on reduced emissions and clean vehicles means big benefits for those adopting electric vehicles. Currently, the federal government offers several incentives and rebates for buying or leasing an electric vehicle. While the model you choose makes a difference, you can earn up to $7,500 in credits for buying or leasing a new EV as part of the national federal incentive. Not only does this help make your purchasing decision easier, but it means big benefits for you as you file your end of the year taxes after your EV purchase.

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California State EV Rebates and Incentives

California takes these rebates even further, offering incentives for those opting for fully-electric vehicles, plus options for plug-in hybrid and hybrid fuel cell vehicles, all of which help reduce smog and carbon pollution from daily driving. Ranging from $1000 through $4,500 for qualifying vehicles, these state and local incentives mean you can have up to $12,000 kicked back to you for buying or leasing a new EV in California.

Local Benefits

Beating LA traffic is no easy task, but with an EV in your hands it get a bit easier. Electric vehicles are permitted to use carpool lanes even if you're driving alone, so you can enjoy a quicker drive to work with less stress just buy purchasing an electric vehicle.

Charging at Home

With at-home charging, buying or leasing a new EV gives you an incredible amount of convenience. You can charge overnight and have a full battery every morning, something that a gasoline powered vehicle doesn't allow. Skip the extra stop in the morning or on your way home, and simply plug in your vehicle at home or at work. Get back into your vehicle with a full battery and save yourself both time and hassle by skipping the gas station trips altogether. Plus you can qualify for tax rebates for installing a dedicated EV charging station in your home to help offset the costs and achieve faster at-home charging times.

Fast-Charger Access

LA is one of the most EV-friendly cities in America, with charging stations dotted around Torrance, Burbank, and beyond. Nearly anywhere you you'll be within a few blocks of an EV charge point, so you can top off your battery when you duck in for a coffee or grab lunch with a friend. This system makes it easier than making a dedicated stop to a gas station as you go about your day, as you can handle errands while your vehicle gets the added charge it needs from one of the thousands of EV charging stations in LA County.

Thrilling Performance

Instant torque makes driving an electric vehicle truly enthralling, as you don't have to wait for the engine to reach a certain RPM range before you truly feel the power come alive. While the sound and theater of a fuel-burning car are lost, the rush of acceleration you feel with each press of the throttle should do well to make up the difference and ensure you're excited about going for a drive. You'll also enjoy all-wheel drive response with lightning-quick performance adjustments to improve handling and response.

Regenerative Braking

Unlike gas cars, electric cars have a mechanism to recover some electric performance as you drive along. With regenerative braking, an EV uses forward momentum to recharge the batteries while slowing you down, giving you extra power to improve range when braking, acting as a turbine to add electricity to the batteries. By using the spinning wheels as turbines when you release the throttle, power is fed back into the batteries to give you a few extra miles of range per charge.

About the Subaru Solterra

Subaru's first all-electric vehicle is in the works, and the Subaru Solterra should fit right in as a stylish and versatile compact crossover with all-wheel drive performance. You'll enjoy up to 228 miles of range and a symmetrical all-wheel drive that can use all four wheels independently to improve off-road capabilities. You'll also enjoy fast charging in under an hour to get back on the road quickly while spacious seating for five and over 23 cubic feet of cargo space means you'll have the room you need for your biggest LA adventures.

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